1.2017.180.0 - Add support for Zooz, improve migrations and subscription update

GitHub Release Notes

Release 1.2017.180.0 - Sandbox


  • Add support for the Zooz PaymentOS payment gateway


  • Better handle high numbers of concurrent api requests

  • Support zero cost migrations when moving between rate plans of differing length.

    To enable this behaviour set pricingBehaviour to None when migrating.

  • Enable the currentPeriodEnd of live (Paid, AwaitingPayment), non-recurring subscriptions to be updated.

    This is performed via the PUT /subscriptions/update endpoint.

    Example request:

        "id": "SUB-CACC14B6-A691-429B-9E20-362CB7BE",
        "end": "2018-01-01T12:00:00Z"