1.2017.236.0 - New Plan API

GitHub Release Notes

Release 1.2017.236.0


  • New Rate Plan API
  • Adds /v1/plans endpoints.
  • Makes it easier to create / update plans, now everything related to a rate plan can be done in one endpoint: PUT /v1/plans. It does both update and create, based on the path (if a plan with a given path doesn't exist we will create a new one). And it can modify a pricing set, including removing pricing components.
  • It is possible to upsert multiple plans in one request, which makes it easier to use a often-convenient model of having all plans stored in one place, a simple json file, which can be upserted to our API every time it is updated on your side.
  • Introduces a concept of path to rate plans. Each plan can be identified by a path, which must consist of N-nested directories and a plan's name and currency (ex. /telecom/broadband/100mbps.USD). The plans's path may now be used instead of its ID or name in all existing API endpoints where a rate plan may be specified.
  • Deprecate old /v1/product-rate-plans API.